Kyou Yahagi


Alternative names:

矢作 キョウ


Battle Gamer, Single Bang, Tie, Detached Sleeves, Teenager


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Purple
Hair colour: White
Hair length: To Ears
Nicknamed the "Crusher" and a former member of Team Asteroid, Kyou is a cocky Vanguard player who mostly cares about himself, always hoping to surpass Ren and become the best player one day. He sometimes refers to himself in the third-person perspective as "The Great Kyou". As a result of him losing to Kai in the national tournament, Kyou was kicked off of Team Asteroid, leaving him bitter for revenge. At the following regional tournament, Kyou returns with his own group called Team Avengers to exact his revenge on Kai. Kyou uses a Spike Brothers deck; his ace cards are Sky Diver, General Seifried, and Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor in season 2.

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Voice actors:

Akeno Watanabe, Japanese