Alternative names:



Magic User, Monster, Pointy Ears, Wings


Gender: Female
Hair colour: Brown
Kyurene was a Youma summoned by Jadeite to drain energy from unsuspecting music-listeners as part of the Dark Kingdom's continuing energy-gathering efforts. She appeared in anime episode 6. She had the appearance of a bat-like humanoid, with large bat ears and wings, as well as red hair, black fur-coated arms and legs, and a pink wrap. In both her human and monster form, she could extend her fingernails into long, sharpened claws.
She was sent by Jadeite to inject subliminal high-frequency waves into a stereo at Jam Records by placing an infected cassette tape into it. The stereo would then infect any other music broadcasted in the studio, and the waves would drain energy from anyone listening to the music. However, before she could play the tape, she was forced to hide. Akiko Yanagi mistook the tape for a demo tape from a famous musician named Yusuke Amade, and took it out of the stereo before returning it to him. Kyurene then began stalking Yusuke, attempting to get the tape from him, and eventually succeeded after cornering him in a parking lot. Usagi and Luna found him there while chasing him down in an attempt to protect him, and watched as Kyurene transformed from her human form into her true bat-like Youma form before flying off.
Yusuke, Usagi, and Luna followed Kyurene back to Jam Records, where she put Akiko and her crew to sleep before attempting to put the infected tape into the stereo. Before she could, though, she was distracted by the arrival of the three. Luna lunged at her and made her drop the tape, which skidded across the floor right into Usagi's hands. Kyurene again transformed into her Youma form and grabbed Akiko, holding her hostage with her claws, but Yusuke pulled her out of harm's way while Luna crushed the tape. Kyurene fled the scene, flying through the window and landing in a nearby concert hall, where Usagi and Luna followed. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon, at which point Kyurene began attacking her with sonic waves from her wings. Sailor Moon grabbed a microphone and threw it in the middle of the sound waves, amplifying the high-frequency waves and blasting them back at the monster through the large speakers, weakening her enough for Sailor Moon to destroy her with her tiara.

Related anime:

Sailor Moon TV, 1992

Voice actors:

Emi Shinohara, Japanese
Maya Bar shalom, Hebrew