Alternative names:

Ilyusha Krat


Human, Bishop, Magic User, Priest, Gloves, Robes, Hat, Teenager


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Purple
Hair colour: Lilac
Hair length: To Ears
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood type: B
A sweet bishop whose hobbies include flowers and gardening. Works with Frau and Castor.
His real name is Ilyusha Grat. He was born to the 4th District's God House, a family said to possess accurate abilities for prophecy and a knack for cultivating medicinal plants. Ilyusha had two friends, Lem and Lirin. When Lirin contracted a fatal disease, Lem's desperation made him cry to Ilyusha for the Flower of Eden, a fabled seed that could only blossom by the Grats and that could remove one's suffering.
But the Flower of Eden was a cursed plant that entangled and sealed Ilyusha's body, leaving him as a practically dead shell of his former self. The Imperial Army appeared on the scene to exterminate the Flower of Eden because it was a threat, and when they interrogated Lirin if he knew anything, Lirin denied any relation to Ilyusha. Ilyusha's father became crazed and sold incenses cultivated from the seeds of Ilyusha's blossomed flowers of Eden and the flesh of humans hunted by Lirin's Wars.
After this incident, Ilyusha took the identity of Bishop Labrador, and assumed the role of Profe, one of the Seven Ghosts.
Labrador Labrador Labrador Labrador Labrador Labrador Labrador Labrador Labrador

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Voice actors:

Kouki Miyata, Japanese
Seok jeong Yang, Korean