Alternative names:

Lenny Lents


Human, Author, Writer, Adult


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Purple
Hair colour: Yellow/Blonde
Hair length: To Neck
Appears in episode 4.
Lenny is the author of the unfinished trilogy "Crown of the Dog Days". Dalian is a huge fan of the books but Lenny supposedly died and thus she can never read the end. Huey receives a letter from Lenny stating that he is caught in a mysterious book. Dalian and Huey travel to Lenny's estate to investigate and meet a woman who claims that she is Lenny's wife, Paula. The two suspect that something is wrong, since Lenny's wife died some time ago.
They come back later and sneak into the house where they find Lenny's dead body and his lover Laticia Serkis imprisoned in a cell. She bids them to leave her but rescue Lenny. The next afternoon they visit the estate again and Paula tells them that she herself is Lenny's greatest fan and loves him. After tea they are shown the way to Lenny's study, where he is looked in and writes the last volume of "Crown of the Dog Days". Lenny speaks to them and secretly types a message telling Dalian and Huey to rescue Laticia.
That night, the two sneak in the cellar and find the corpse of Laticia. They are caught and locked in the prison by Paula who holds Lenny hostage. Paula then proceeds to kill Lenny. After he is dead a magic circle appears and Laticia is revived, only to be killed by Paula straight away. Paula goes on killing the two lovers over and over again while exclaiming that she does this out of love for Lenny. This is the only way to make him remember the true ending of his trilogy. Dalian states that the constant revival is possible because of the Phantom Book of resurrection.
After a few gruesome deaths Lenny doesn't fall over any more and seems to have developed a resistance against death. The lovers unite their strength, kill Paula and disappear.
In the end Huey and Dalian find the manuscript for the last volume of the trilogy and Dalian is overjoyed. She reads it immediately and then complains about the ending.

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Voice actors:

Satoshi Hino, Japanese