Makoto Sakai


Alternative names:

境 真
He is the captain of the Meisetsu rugby team, and wears the number 10. He plays the stand-off position, and is in his 3rd year.
Makoto seems to get along best with Hiromi Nase, as they can usually be found next to each other.
He also appears to be fond of the new first years (Megumi, Yuu, and Akira) due to the fact that they behave as freshmen should- they happily accept any task he gives them, responding with: "Leave it to us!" (Yuu), "Okay! Got it!" (Megumi), and even, "It's an order from senpai! Let's go!" (Akira).
After the first years leave to finish the task, he tears up and thinks: "This year... we have such good kids," while remembering how the current second-years reacted to orders the previous year; a chorus of "No!", "No way!", "Screw you!", "Go die!", and even a "You're the one who should be plucked!".

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