Mana Walker


Alternative names:



Suit, Moustache, Hat, Akuma, Adult


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Not visible
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Ears
Mana Walker is Allen's foster father. Allen was originally abandoned by his biological parents because of his deformed left hand, which was due to his Innocence. When Mana found Allen, he decided to adopt him. Over time, Allen formed a very strong bond with Mana. It is unclear how Mana died though in the anime the secene of an over turned coach was shown. For Allen, Mana was like his father so he mourned for him. The Millennium Earl came to a grieving Allen after Mana died and offered to bring him back to life. Of course, as Allen had loved him, he accepted. Mana was then turned into an Akuma and infuriated at Allen's actions, cursed Allen by cutting the boy's left eye leaving a pentacle marking and also giving him the ability to see Akuma with his left eye. He was quickly destroyed by Allen's awakened anti-Akuma weapon. Before his Akuma form got destroyed, he told Allen that he loved him, and thanked Allen for righting the wrong he had committed.

Related anime:

D.Gray-man TV, 2006

Related manga:

D.Gray-Man Manga, 2004

Voice actors:

Fumihiko Tachiki, Japanese
Charles Campbell, English
Il Kim, Korean