Maria Fujishiro

Maria is a very boyish-looking high school student.
Due to her looks, she is often typecasted by her classmates, and is immediately slated to play the prince in the class production of the Grimm fairy tale "Maid Maleen" for the cultural festival.
Maria is unable to decline due to her penchant to just go along with things to please people, however she does not want to be the main character and definitely does not like the fact that because of her facial features and tallness, she is not considered to be a girl.
She is inwardly tormented by memories of growing up where she was picked on for looking less like a girl. She even overhears some schoolmates saying that she looks like a "fag" because of her pretty boy looks, and ends up crying in the library.
Maria is very shy and sensitive, though the only person who comes to see that is her classmate and the girl who plays the princess in the play: Akane.
Through interacting with Akane, Maria comes to fall for her though she does not realise that she is slowly growing a crush on the other girl. She is especially taken by the fact that Akane is the only person who thinks that she is cute.
A few days before the performance, Maria helps Akane repair her dress for the play alone in a classroom after school. There Maria tells Akane the whole truth about her insecurity and self-pity because she has no confidence in herself because of her looks. Akane tells her again that she is cute and kisses her, much to Maria's shock.
Maria starts seeing Akane as being more like a dashing prince than a pretty princess.
[This character appears in the chapter "Kawaii Anata".]

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