Alternative names:



Blunt Bangs, Adult


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blue
Hair length: To Shoulders
Maron is an anime-only character who first appears in the Garlic Jr. saga as Kuririn's girlfriend. She is very ditsy (always calling Kuririn "Kurin"), uncommitted, and out-spoken, referring to Chi-Chi and Bulma as old ladies which frustrated and angered them. She looks similar to Bulma and many people confuse the two, but both have very different traits, most notably Maron's figure being slightly curvier, and bigger breasts and Bulma being a staple character to the series, as opposed to Maron only being around for one arc and making a single appearance in the Cell Saga.
As Kuririn is about to propose to her on a beach, she leaves with a guy in a red sports car. During the Cell Saga, she shows up at the Kame House looking for Kuririn saying that he was the only guy she ever loved. After a while she gets bored and takes off with a bunch of boyfriends never to be seen again.
The manga writer Akira Toriyama stated, however, he did not name Kuririn's daughter after his old flame. Since Marron, like Kuririn, means "chestnut," it is likely that this is a case of the same pun being used by both Toriyama and the anime filler writers.

Related anime:

Dragon Ball Z TV, 1989

Voice actors:

Leah Clark, English
Yuko Kobayashi, Japanese
Fernanda Bulara, Brazilian
Ilona Otto, German
Daphne Gere, English