Martina CRESPI


Alternative names:



Human, Magic User, Military, Ponytail, Teenager


Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: 2. September
Hair colour: Ochre
Martina Crespi is the daughter of a wealthy family from southern Romagna.
She is a bright and sociable girl but far too perky for a lady from a prominent family, which causes no end of headaches for her parents. To top it off, her speech and behavior is almost like that of a young boy.
Because of training in classical ballet, she posseses a very flexible body and a keen sense of movement. Her favored tactic consists of extremely close range dogfighting with the enemy Neuroi. There was even an unusual case in her record, in which she used her striker to "kick out" the core from a Neuroi. A downside of her tactics is that she can sometimes be too fixated on what's happening in front of her, and losing sight of the bigger picture.
She has a somewhat love-hate relationship with Fernandia Malvezzi, and is attached to Luciana Mazzei. She specializes in hit-and-run tactics within her team.
Martina CRESPI Martina CRESPI Martina CRESPI Martina CRESPI Martina CRESPI Martina CRESPI

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Voice actors:

Kaori Mizuhashi, Japanese
Alexis Tipton, English

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