Master Megatron

For millions of years, Master Megatron (simply Megatron in the dub) has led fanatical legions of evil Destrons (Decepticons) on their war for conquest of the Universe. A living weapon with dozens of self-inflicted modifications made in the name of increased power and destructive capability, his only weakness is a single-minded desire for the enslavement of the Universe. His intellect, ego and talent for deception are second to none, and he rules his Destron army with an iron-fisted combination of fear and force of personality. He is determined to beat Galaxy Convoy (Optimus Prime) and the Cybertrons (Autobots) and find the lost Planet Forces (Cyber Planet Keys).

Related anime:

Transformers: Energon TV, 2004
Transformers Cybertron TV, 2005

Related manga:

Transformers: Galaxy Force Manga, 2005

Voice actors:

David Kaye, English
Jouji Nakata, Japanese
Yoram Yosefsberg, Hebrew