Despite her looks (pierced up ears, messy hair, tall stature and grouchy facial features), Matsuri is a rather nice person who befriends Shizuka despite scaring her on their first meeting with her gruffness. She is a member of the crafts club, much to people's surprise.
She is rather careless about her emotions and has a severe crush on her upperclassman, Aya. She often drags Shizuka along with her to meet Aya and so has an excuse to spend time with the senior. She is at a loss because she wants to confess to Aya since she will be graduating soon. Matsuri eventually tells Aya her feelings, only for Aya to tell her that she's a cute underclassman and that she does not see her as anything more. She ends up crying and Shizuka comes to her side to comfort her.
She has no idea that Shizuka is in love with her until the younger girl confesses to her. Matsuri wonders why would someone like Shizuka like someone like her, and warns her that she does not return her feelings. She is glad though when Shizuka says that she does not care and still wants to be her friend.

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