Meat Bun

Name: Meat Bun
Owner: Prince
Category: Combat Pet
Attack: Machine gun meat attack, and flooding a place with tears
Level: Rises with Prince's
Obtained from Wolf King, Prince named it "Meatbun" because it looks like like a real meat bun. Although Meatbun looks cute and weak, he actually has a few useful attacks that help Odd Squad during training, mob hunting, and in the tournament.
When Meatbun reached level 40 he gained intelligence and started to talk, everytime he levels up Meatbun will gain more intelligence. Meatbun first word was "Mama" which is what Meat Bun calls Prince. Meatbun is known to be a male, and says so himself. His favorite food is meat buns. Meatbun is married to Fire Phoenix.

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