Menoly Mallia


Alternative names:

Menori Maria


Choker, Huge Breasts, Masks, Collar, Hollow, Teenager


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Blonde
Hair length: To Ears
Arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army. She, along with Loly, was ordered to bring Orihime Inoue to Sōsuke Aizen when he wanted to show her the Hōgyoku.
Menoly is a teenage, female Arrancar. Her mask is identical to Loly's, but on the opposite side of her face, implying that the two may be sisters. She also wears a white, segmented choker, and a series of white bracelets that may also be part of her mask fragments. Menoly closely resembles a female Grimmjow in terms of her hairstyle, except her hair is blond, while Grimmjow's is teal.
Menoly does not seem as interested in Aizen as Loly is, though she is reluctant to leave Aizen alone with Orihime. She also seems to be more rational than Loly, as seen when Loly is enraged at Orihime. She urged Loly to not "take it too far" knowing well that they could be caught and punished by either Aizen or someone else that outranks them both. This is ironic as she proceeded to attack Grimmjow, the Sexta Espada, without hesitation, only resulting in getting herself killed, although she did show fear and intimidation when he made his appearance.
Before she leaves with Grimmjow, Orihime brings Melony back to life with her healing powers, much to Loly's shock. When Orihime is recaptured by Aizen, Loly and Melony take the chance to attack her again while Ichigo is busy fighting Ulquiorra. They are suddenly interrupted by Yammy, who knocks Melony through a stone wall to get her out of the way. It is unknown if she died or not as she is not seen again.

Related anime:

Bleach TV, 2004

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Bleach Manga, 2001

Voice actors:

Wendee Lee, English
Hitomi Harada, Japanese