Michiru Hanasato


Alternative names:

花里 みちる
She is the class representative in Koremitsu's class, a friend of Honoka, and the only student in the class (except Honoka) who ever dared to speak to Koremitsu. However, she usually ran away with fear after a conversation finished. She believes in "Prince On A White Horse" and admires Hikaru as such a prince.
Her model character in "Tale of Genji" is Hanachirusato.
Spoilers for volumes 5, 6, 8
She is the main heroine for Volume 8 of the novel. She used to wear glasses and had braided pigtails as her hair style. She told to Honoka that she may have feelings toward Koremitsu at the end of Volume 5 and changed her image at the beginning of Volume 6. This made Honoka very depressed.
Spoilers for volume 10
She is actually a member from Udate family, and also heard the legend of Udate's Spider Woman (aka Rokujou) from Kazuaki when she was little. Deeply affected by the legend, her mind is distorted at the beginning. Knowing the relationship between Hikaru and Fujino, which she deeply admires. But she also thinks she is a better candidate for Hikaru instead of Fujino. When Hikaru fell into the river in escaping Fujino's knife, she saved Hikaru and claimed she is the rightful woman. But Fujino's harsh respond caused Hikaru to commit suicide and shocked Michiru (Hikaru thought it was Fujino who held his hands). Michiru started to think she is the one who killed Hikaru and falsefully threats herself as real "Fujino."
She is the one who has been blackmailing Hikaru's girls under Fujino's name since the beginning of the series. In Volume 10, she also kidnapped Shioriko and tried to sacrifice her to bring back Hikaru. This action was due to incidents happened in her past. When the truth is again revealed by Fujino, she runs away and falls into the river, but is saved by Koremitsu.

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