Mika Kayama


Alternative names:

Mika Cassidy


Artist, Elementary School Student, Child


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Purple
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: To Shoulders
Mika Kayama appears only in the anime. She is a classmate of Shingo Tsukino. She makes her first appearance in episode 005. She tells Shingo that she knew of a pet that would be perfect for him and takes him to Pet Shop Perfume too show him an adorable rabbit-like creature called a Chanela that produced a perfume-like smell. Both Mika and Shingo purchased pets to take home, not knowing that they were part of a Dark Kingdom plot to drain energy. Eventually, the Chanela were destroyed along with their creator, the youma Iguara.
Mika makes her second and final appearance in episode 018. In the morning, Usagi's family discusses the fact that Mika has won a French doll contest. Ikuko remarks that Mika's mother (Yoshiko Kayama) is a famous doll maker as well. Usagi teases Shingo about his relationship with Mika. Later, Mika gives her prize-winning doll to Shingo because he has always been there for her, but his peers begin to tease him relentlessly about it. He refuses the gift, but when he shoves it back in her direction, it accidentally falls to the floor and shatters. Both Mika and Shingo are upset, although Shingo pretends not to care. Two young female classmates of Shingo's tell Usagi what happened, and she demands that Shingo apologize to the girl, which he agrees to do due to his guilt. When he arrives at her house, he a red sports car pulls up outside, and decides to return when the family is not receiving a visitor. The visitor is actually Nephrite, disguised as Masato Sanjouin. He admires Mika's latest doll, and asks her to make him ten just like it. He picks up her doll and secretly places his evil crest on it, which causes her to hasten her approach towards her maximum energy potential. She becomes obsessed with the additional dolls dolls, and her behavior changes drastically. She evil hits her mother when she suggests that Mika take a break from making dolls. Meanwhile, Shingo decides to make a Sailor Moon doll for her in order to make up with her. At Mika's mother's next doll show, Usagi and Shingo meet with Mika as she is completing her final doll. At this point, her energy has reached its peak, and the youma Jumeau is realeased, immediately draining her energy. Shingo rushes forward towards his friend, but the youma knocks him against a wall. Jumeau then steps on the Sailor Moon doll, crushing it. Because Shingo is unconscious, Usagi takes the opportunity to transform into Sailor Moon and challenge the youma. After the youma is defeated, Shingo and Mika resolve their differences. Later, at school, Mika presents Shingo with a Sailor Moon doll she made for him.
Mika's attends Juuban Primary School. Her mother is the famous doll maker Yoshiko Kayama.

Related anime:

Sailor Moon TV, 1992

Voice actors:

Ayako Shiraishi, Japanese
Chieko Nanba, Japanese