Alternative names:



Demon, Maid, Pigtails, Akuma, Headdress, Hair Bobble, Loli, Fan, Earrings, Gloves, Teenager, Animal Ears


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: White
Hair length: To Chest
Mimi is Lulubell's faithful akuma who appears to be a young girl and have light blue (almost white) hair and wears a maid's costume. She is also often seen polishing Lulubell's nails.
Mimi's story was told by the Earl in episode 44 of the anime. He reveals that Mimi was once a loyal lady-in-waiting for a princess. The two were close to the point that the princess asked the maid's opinion in almost everything. However, Mimi died due to a sudden illness and the princess fell into depression. It is here where the Earl contracted with the princess and turned the maid into an Akuma. The Earl called Mimi as an Akuma with "A maid's soul and a princess' body"
Since then, Mimi started killing humans endlessly until she met Lulubell who asked her to polish her nails. Mimi complied with the Noah and since then, she became Lulubell's maid-in-waiting.
Mimi's weapon of choice are two large, sharpened fans that shoots out knife-like blades. She can also throw the fans like a two small boomerangs or combine them to form one, gigantic frisbee-like weapon.
Mimi's Akuma form is that of a giant dragon and she has power over the wind. In episode 50 Mimi dies after she jumps in front of Lulubell in order to protect the Noah from getting hurt by Allen's attack.

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Voice actors:

Atsuko Enomoto, Japanese
Kate Oxley, English
Andrea Laudon, Hungarian
Borbála Csuha, Hungarian
Cristina Yuste, Spanish