Minerva MARTHA


Alternative names:



Human, Gakusei, Mercenary, Hat, Blunt Bangs, Pigtails, Hime Cut, Military Uniform, Boots, Tights, Cane, Teenager


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Closed
Hair colour: Blue
Hair length: To Waist
Venus Unit: Defense Member
A Venus member who on the outside appears as a carefree airhead and always has her eyes closed. Her jingu "Aegis" is a maken that allows her to open gates to other dimensions at will. This allows her to teleport various articles such as clothings a person is wearing to even parts of their body to another dimensions at will, making the person in question visibly naked or rendering a fighter unable to use attacks by making their limbs disappear from the current dimension. Her eye, when open, emits an inexhaustible stream of element, which allows her to engulf huge areas around her with her own element, creating a "territory" in which she can use her aforementioned inter-dimensional powers. This is also the real reason why she always has her eyes closed except when in action.
In chapter 35, Minori shows Takeru a chart showing the rankings of various people according to their power levels. According to it, Minerva Martha is by far the strongest element user in the entire cast, exceeding the likes of Minori herself, and the main antagonist Ouken. Minerva's body measurements are 79cm、55cm、80cm.
Not much is known about the background of Minerva. She does have some perverted fetishes and fantasies, as is shown during the battle against Venus when she on purpose strips the girls of Tenbi by making their clothes disappear but only leaving the stockings on, and proclaiming herself to be the "Master of all Lingerie". Due to her perverted attitude, she gets along quite well with Kengo.
Minerva MARTHA Minerva MARTHA Minerva MARTHA Minerva MARTHA Minerva MARTHA Minerva MARTHA Minerva MARTHA Minerva MARTHA Minerva MARTHA

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Voice actors:

Rina Satou, Japanese
Leah Clark, English