Mishio AMANO


Alternative names:

天野 美汐
あまの みしお


Human, Student, High School Student, Teenager


Gender: Female
Age: 16
Blood type: A
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Aubergine
Height/size: 1.59m
Measurements: 80 - 53 - 79
Nationality: Japan
Weight: 44kg
Mishio Amano acts very much like Mai. She too likes to distance herself from others but for a very different reason. At first appearance, Mishio appears to be very cold hearted and stubborn. But when Yuuichi confronts Mishio about her knowledge of handling 'special' relationships, it all becomes very clear. Mishio then becomes the only person that can help Yuuichi and Makoto on how to deal through the difficult times considering that she too went through the same relationship pains.
Mishio AMANO Mishio AMANO Mishio AMANO

Related anime:

Kanon TV, 2002
Kanon: Kazahana OVA, 2003
Kanon TV, 2006

Voice actors:

Maaya Sakamoto, Japanese
Colleen Clinkenbeard, English
Min Jeong Yeo, Korean