Miss Goldenweek


Alternative names:

Ms. Golden Week
Ms. April Fools Day


Human, Agent, Artist, Child, Hat, Pigtails, Rosy Cheeks, Necklace, T-shirt, Shirt


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: To Shoulders
Miss Goldenweek (Miss April Fools Day in 4Kids' English dub) partnered with Mr. 3, a wax sculptor. She hates work, is a talented painter, and can be seen constantly eating her favorite snack: rice crackers. She also appears younger than the other Baroque Works agents. She wields Color Traps, which control a person's emotions or affect their fighting abilities by painting colors upon their body. Miss Goldenweek uses these Color Traps to control Luffy, attempting to prevent him from defeating Mr. 3. She is defeated by Karoo, but appears in a cover series in which she masterminds the rescue of the captured Baroque Works agents.
Miss Goldenweek Miss Goldenweek Miss Goldenweek Miss Goldenweek Miss Goldenweek Miss Goldenweek

Related anime:

One Piece TV, 1999

Related manga:

One Piece Manga, 1997

Voice actors:

Akiko Nakagawa, Japanese
Cherami Leigh, English
Jeong Mi Bae, Korean
Laetitia Lienart, French

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