Alternative names:



Treasure Hunter, Video Gamer


Gender: Female
Hair colour: Pink
Mistral has a goofy and fun personality. She likes hanging around Kite because of his special ability, and wants to see it as much as she can. Mistral's pleasant attitude goes with her wherever she travels in The World. She may appear childish, but her true self is reliable and dedicated.
Despite her childish looks and behavoir, she is actually a married and a mother to be. Having to leave the dothackers for a time due to her unborn daughter. Another Birth reveals she and Blackrose were very close, with Blackrose seeing her as a big sister she could reveal all her secrets to,and the two kept in touch whether inside or outside the game through phonecalls and offline meetings.
In the Legend of Twilight manga Mistral plays a minor role, only being present when it's revealed she is Mireille's mother and the one who arranged for Kazu (BlackRose's little brother) to come to Shugo's aid.

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Voice actors:

Atsuko Enomoto, Japanese
Sandy Fox, English