Miyako INOUE


Alternative names:

井ノ上 京
いのうえ みやこ
井ノ上 京 Miyako Inoue


Human, Glasses, Hat, Gloves, Turtleneck, Teenager


Gender: Female
Age: 12
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Purple
Hair length: To Waist
Nationality: Japan
Miyako is a touch on the geeky side, stubborn, cheeky and impulsive. While she is somewhat loud and bold, she is very sincere and true to her feelings to the point where she is often unaware of others or how her feelings are affecting them. Miyako is compassionate and generous, but capable of being decisive and resourceful. She has odd tendencies to suddenly become depressed without explanation, but always finds the strength to come back and help her friends. (from Wikipedia)
Miyako INOUE Miyako INOUE Miyako INOUE Miyako INOUE Miyako INOUE Miyako INOUE

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Voice actors:

Rio Natsuki, Japanese
Tifanie Christun, English
Adriana Torres, Brazilian
Julia Ziffer, German
Mi Sook Jeong, Korean
Carolina Tak, Spanish
Maya Bar shalom, Hebrew