Mokuba KAIBA


Alternative names:

海馬 モクバ


Human, Spiky Bangs, Jacket, T-shirt, Child


Gender: Male
Age: 11
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Chest
Height/size: 1.42m
Nationality: Japan
Weight: 28kg
Kaiba's little brother. Mokuba is always following Seto where ever he goes. He has a very strong bond with his brother and has all of his faith within Seto as well. Mokuba helps run Seto's company and will do what ever it takes to please his brother.
Mokuba KAIBA Mokuba KAIBA Mokuba KAIBA

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Voice actors:

Junko Takeuchi, Japanese
Katsue Miwa, Japanese
Tara Sands, English
Thiago Longo, Brazilian
Ana Lobo, Spanish
Ricardo Richter, German
Asaf Avidan, Hebrew
Si Ho Hong, Korean
Monica Villasenor, Spanish
Christian J. Lee, English
Marie Van Renterghem, French