Montblanc Noland


Alternative names:

Norland Montblanc
Montblanc Norland


Human, Discoverer, Adult, Traveler


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: To Ears
Montblanc "Liar" Norland is regarded in a North Blue fairy tale as a trickster and a liar who made up the story of a gold city on Jaya. He stood by his story even up till his execution.
Norland was a brown haired man whose most distinct feature is a large chestnut on his head. This feauture was passed down to his descendants.
He was a well built man who often wore a black coat and orange scarf.
After his execution, Norland's image was distorted over the years due to the shame that was brought to his name. Since then, whenever someone refers to Norland, the image of an ever smiling idiot is the one that commonly comes into mind.
This defacing image is the one often drawn by artists in children's books. His nose is shaped like a spork.
The real Norland was a honest and good man who was brave and cared about people, despite what history remembers him as. He was happy-go-lucky and had a strong determination as well as being friendly. His only flaw seemed to have been acting without consulting people on things (such as cutting down the Shandians sacred trees), however he only did what he thought was (and usually is) best for people.
The Norland who is depicted in the stories is a grinning fool who often went away on long expeditions only to return with stories that seemed unbelievable. In the end as far as the story was concerned, Norland pushed his luck with the bragging of a whole city of gold and it was a lie that cost him his dearly his life.
Montblanc Noland Montblanc Noland Montblanc Noland Montblanc Noland Montblanc Noland Montblanc Noland Montblanc Noland

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Voice actors:

Takashi Taniguchi, Japanese
Daniel Penz, English
Houchuu Otsuka, Japanese
Luc Boulad, French