Morgan Le Fey


Alternative names:

Morgan Le Fey is a misguided Fairy Princess who unseals Celestin. Celestin is using Morgans body because he doesn't have one of his own anymore. At the end of the movie she lets go of everything and stays at the Judgment Gate to tell anyone that goes there that there were a couple at passed the test.
Morgan once fell in love with a human and went to the Judgment Gate to test there devotion. But Morgan which she later learns that she didn't hold enough faith within herself she thought that, one day they would go there separate ways so by thinking that they were forced to live apart. But not accepting that it was her fault she released Celestin to help get revenge.

Related anime:

Ah! My Goddess: The Movie Movie, 2000

Voice actors:

Ayako Kawasumi, Japanese
Lia Sargent, English