Motoharu KAIDOU


Alternative names:

Motoharu Kaitou
海堂 元春
かいどう もとはる


Human, Magician, Student, Teenager


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Ochre
Hair colour: Yellow/Blonde
Hair length: To Ears
A blond guy, who despite his appearance, is poor, classified on "Class A", he presents a different way of Akatsuki Ousawa, where he defends a punch, and the fight begins with a series of kicks, where he errs, and Akatsuki is knocked down he by the leg, he is convinced that he is the best friend of Akatsuki, he works on the staff of a peculiar event, the "catch-up swimsuit on the beach", he is fast, and seems to use the same fighting style of Akastuki,he is known to be clumsy, has the reputation of "the eternal clown of class A", he is cheerful, but has a mysterious side that he thinks everything is fake. His power is still unknown.
Motoharu KAIDOU Motoharu KAIDOU Motoharu KAIDOU Motoharu KAIDOU Motoharu KAIDOU Motoharu KAIDOU

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Voice actors:

Atsushi Abe, Japanese
Joel Mcdonald, English