Mugen Graceland


Alternative names:

Newton Graceland is a character that appears in Giratina and the Sky Warrior. He is a talented scholar specializing in study of the Reverse World who is beneficial to Ash and his friends during the movie.
Newton was Zero's mentor in years past. Together, they created a machine that would copy the power of Giratina to travel between dimensions, allowing them free access to the Reverse World. Although they had been close previously, the two clashed when Newton discovered his invention would cause a horrific fate, possibly sacrificing Giratina in the process and therefore erased the designs.
Later, after Zero rebuilt and deployed the machine, Newton was forced to hack into the device's central computer and destroy it himself. He was last seen at Gracidea watching Shaymin depart. Newton may have reconciled with Zero at the end of the movie as he helped him out of the frozen Megarig; both cracking a smile at each other.
Newton reappeared in the credits of the twelfth movie where he visited Zero in prison after recovering Infi's data from the Megarig.

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Voice actors:

Kouichi Yamadera, Japanese
Marc Thompson, English
Jean-Marc Delhausse, French