Alternative names:



Demon, Cowardly, Insect, Youkai, Moustache, Senior


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Facial
Hair length: To Ears
Nationality: Japan
A yokai-flea who is InuYasha's source of information. He usually runs away from dangerous situations. He was initially charged with protecting the remains/gravesite of InuYasha's father which held the Tessaiga. The Grave was hidden inside the black pearl in InuYasha's right eye and was opened during his first run-in with his elder brother, Sesshoumaru. Myoga also enjoys drinking yokai blood, and actually saves InuYasha's life at one point by drinking the poison out of his blood. Because of that, he often gets slapped by InuYasha (and sometimes by Kagome too), but never dies from it since he's immortal.
Myouga Myouga Myouga

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Voice actors:

Kenichi Ogata, Japanese
Paul Dobson, English
Mino Caprio, Italian
Péter Pálfai, Hungarian
Russell Wait, English
Jong Gu Lee, Korean
Hugues Boucher, French