Natsumi Hinata


Alternative names:



Middle School Student, Pigtails, Teenager, Child


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Red
Hair colour: Pink
Hair length: To Ears
* Age: 13-16 Years
* Relationships:
Daughter of Hinata Aki
Grandaughter of Akina Hinata
Older sister to Hinata Fuyuki
Close friends to Giroro and Koyuki Azumaya
Friend/rival to Keroro
Has a crush on Mutsumi Saburo
Loved by Giroro
* Race: Human
* Gender: Female
* Birthday: December 2nd
* Loyalty: Keroro Platoon
* Eye Color: Brown
* Hair Color: Red
* Rank: None, but she does command the Keroro Platoon very well.
* First Anime Appearance: episode 1
* First Manga Appearance: chapter 1
* Seiyu: Chiwa Saitō
Natsumi is a short-tempered girl who is extremely athletic, cute, and smart. She can be very scary and violent when in anger mode, but can also be very sweet and brave. She can be sarcastic and careless sometimes when she's trying to enjoy herself and seems to be a pretty big video game fan, but cares deeply about her family (and her surrogate alien "family" members). Natsumi is pretty popular in school due to her amazing strength, but at grade school, she was nicknamed 'Devil Summer' in the manga because of her short temper until she became more mature in middle school. Like any other 14-year-old girl, she has some insecurities, especially around Saburo, whom she has a huge crush on, and has a girly-girl side. Natsumi seems to have a city-girl side, because when downtown Tokyo was in a power surge in an incredibly hot summer day, she looked really desperate and cried for help. She likes to listen to Mutsumi's radio show, but whenever she tries to listen to her letters that she sent there, she always gets interrupted. At school, she's friends with Yayori and Satsuki, and especially Koyuki, and shows her around the city part of Tokyo (which Koyuki is completely unaware of), and becomes a real friend to Koyuki. She's rivals with Keroro and calls him 'boke kaeru' (stupid frog) all the time. The only time when she called Keroro by his real name was when he defeated her in a swimming contest fair and square and decided to call a truce (until they were interrupted by Tamama) and when he joined the Garuru Platoon and Natsumi tried to snap him out of it. Ironically, she was the first one to discover Keroro at episode 1 and chapter 1 (so she can awake the occult-obsessed Fuyuki), who was hiding at Fuyuki's bedroom wall. She is suspicious of Keroro and the rest of his alien squad (except Mois), but then got used to their presence and kind of treats Keroro as a friend/slave and puts him down with most of the house chores, and even developed some feelings for Giroro. She is later given a neck brace invented by Kururu that transforms her and gives her the powers of a real-life Gundam and uses the neck brace whenever the team could use her help. Her favorite food is baked sweet potatoes and her weakness is anything that's creepy-crawly (especially slugs). Natsumi's name means '723' and 'summer beauty'. She has the word 'summer' in English on her bedroom door, and is part of the kaito team 'MorePeachSummerSnow'. Source - Wikipedia

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Voice actors:

Chiwa Saito, Japanese
Cherami Leigh, English
Mi Sook Jeong, Korean
Alexandra Levitch, English
Alessandra Karpoff, Italian
Jennifer Baré, French