Alternative names:

海馬 乃亜


Human, Battle Gamer, Gakuran, Spiky Bangs, Shota, Child


Gender: Male
Age: 16
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Green
Hair length: To Shoulders
Nationality: Japan
Kaiba Noa was the son of Gosaburo, the wealthy owner of Kaiba Corporation. He was extremely intelligent, and, being a "privileged child," he was able to participate in many activities, including sports. His life was, basically, perfect.
Then, tragedy struck. One day, as he was outside, a car came hurling out of nowhere and hit him. He was immediately sent to the hospital, but despite Gosaburo's constant badgering of the doctors, Noa passed away.
Noa then was put into a simulated reality by his father, so he can still hopefully one day take over the company, although when Gosaburo decides this is impossible he adopts seto and mokuba and forgets about Noa, this makes Noa very angry and in season 3-4 he decides to capture Seto and Yugi and put them into his simulated reality world, if he wins he gets one of their bodies so he can live in the real world and take over the company.

Related anime:

Yu-Gi-Oh! TV, 2000

Voice actors:

Chisa Yokoyama, Japanese
Andrew Rannells, English
Rossy Aguirre, Spanish
Marian Elizabeth Spencer, English
Hannes Maurer, German
Francisco Freitas, Brazilian
Taaz Gill, English
Jennifer Baré, French