Old Man Hagi


Alternative names:

Mr. Briney appeared in two episodes of the Pokémon anime. In On a Wingull and a Prayer, his Wingull Peeko was captured by a member of Team Aqua, the same one responsible for stealing from the Devon Corporation the episode before. Ash and his friends helped to save Peeko and return it to Mr. Briney. As a way of thanking them, Mr. Briney gave them a ride to Dewford Town on his boat.
In Sharpedo Attack!, Mr. Briney was with the group when Brock helped an injured Sharpedo. At the end of the episode, Mr. Briney dropped the group off at Dewford Town.

Related anime:

Pokémon Advanced TV, 2002

Voice actors:

Yousuke Akimoto, Japanese
Jimmy Zoppi, English