Alternative names:



Human, Chuujou, Vice-admiral, Adult, Helmet, Military, Smoker


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Closed
Hair colour: Violet
Vice-Admiral Onigumo (オニグモ中将, Onigumo Chūjō) was one of the five vice-admirals leading the Buster Call on Enies Lobby.
He is a tall man with a scary-looking face and his eyes are always closed. He smokes a cigarette and wears an ancient war helmet. From under the helmet, a bunch of long hair is shown.
When a soldier argued against Onigumo's order of destroying a fellow Buster Call ship and 1000 comrades just to kill Monkey D. Luffy, being a firm believer in Absolute Justice, Onigumo shot him in cold blood. Being a firm believer of Absolute Justice, Onigumo is willing to sacrifice anything to defeat what is defined as "evil".
As a Marine Vice-Admiral, Onigumo is capable of commanding a Buster Call alongside four other Vice-Admirals. He also used a flintlock to shoot a soldier for questioning the doctrine of "Absolute Justice".
(source: onepiece.wikia)
Onigumo Onigumo

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Voice actors:

Takahiro Fujimoto, Japanese
Keiichi Sonobe, Japanese
Lucas Schuneman, English