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Gender: Male
Pandaman is a joke character created by the author, Eiichirō Oda, whose appearance is that of a muscle bound figure with a panda face for a head (whether this is a mask or his real face remains to be seen). He makes numerous background appearances throughout the series for the viewer to try and spot.
Pandaman was originally created for the book 77 Mysteries of Kinnikuman. He originated from Tibet and age is unknown. He is 200 cm (6'6") tall, weighs 122kg (270 lbs), and has a Super Power Rating of 3,300,000. His mortal blow techniques: Bamboo Leaf Panda Drop and Giant Panda Deathlock. His Explanation: Abandoned in a bamboo thicket as an infant, Panda Man was raised by Giant Pandas. (all of these mentioned are not seen in the One Piece manga or Anime, and as such it should be taken with a grain of salt.) He is an Akuma Chōjin who resolved to become strong because when he told people he had seen Kaguya-Hime, they didn't believe him and picked on him. (Kaguyahime was a princess who was found inside a bamboo stump, according to Japanese legends.)
According to Oda, Pandaman is a rich guy living on a certain island.[9] He is often seen in the same panel as one of the Tomato Gang, a debt collector on the lookout for Pandaman, trying to collect the money Pandaman owes (which is why Pandaman is often seen running away on appearances).
Pandaman's bounty is revealed to be at least more than 3,333,333 beli during the Anime Filler Arc Ice Hunter on Episode 326, as Kanpaccino's hand blocks the entire number.

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Voice actors:

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