Gender: Male
Hair colour: Facial
The priest appeared in episode 026 of the anime. In the beginning of the episode, the Kurozuishou revealed to Zoisite that the priest was the carrier of the orange Nijizuishou. The next time he was seen was in a cemetery in Yokohama. Usagi and Umino took their friend Naru Osaka to Yokohama to help her cope with the tragic death of her love interest, Nephrite. Naru saw the priest and ran to him, asking him what she should do, since someone very precious to her died and she has been suffering. The priest said, "You have a very beautiful heart. I am sure that person's soul was saved." She also told him that now that Nephrite is gone, she has nothing left. The priest said, "That is not true. Love will be right next to you before you know it. Turn around and you will find love." Unfortunately, when she turned around, she was faced with Zoisite, who had come to collect the priest's Nijizuishou!
The priest asked Zoisite to identify himself, but Zoisite said, "Wouldn't you rather learn more about yourself?" He said that he is just a simple priest, but Zoisite told him that the Kurozuishou would reveal who he really is. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon also noticed that there was a Nijizuishou nearby, and soon confronted Zoisite. He tossed the Kurozuishou into the air, and it shot a beam of light towards the priest, fully extracting the orange Nijizuishou and causing the priest to transform into his youma form as Boxy. Sailor Moon was ultimately able to heal Boxy with "Moon Healing Escalation," and he turned back into the priest. After his transformation, he was wearing white robes and he said, "Do you believe in God? I do. Love thy neighbors."
The priest only made one other appearance in the Sailor Moon series, in episode 041. Endymion, who had been brainwashed and was working with the Dark Kingdom, was attempting to capture all seven former Nijizuishou carriers and trap them within the Kurozuishou. The Dark Kingdom hoped that although the former youma had been healed by Sailor Moon, they would be able to use their energy and the power of the Kurozuishou to transform them back into youma. After they were reunited, it was hoped that they would come together to form one extremely powerful youma to destroy the Sailor Senshi. Endymion was able to capture six of the seven former Nijizuishou carriers (including the priest) within the Kurozuishou before Sailor Mercury destroyed it. Once it was destroyed, those trapped inside were freed and were able to return to their normal lives.

Related anime:

Sailor Moon TV, 1992

Voice actors:

Kyle Hebert, English
Hideyuki Umezu, Japanese