Red Alert

Red Alert (Alert in Japan) is the Autobot security director. He has enhanced senses and is usually depicted as a friend of the Autobot Inferno. Red Alert first appeared in the episode "Dinobot Island, Part 1" and last appeared in the U.S. in episode 63 - "The Revenge of Bruticus".
Red Alert did not appear again after season 2 of the G1 television series. Storyboards for The Transformers: The Movie include a dropped sequence depicting the death of Red Alert though - shot in the back by Scavenger. It is speculated that he survived, because that scene did not make it to the movie.
In Transformers Armada Red Alert was one of the Autobots who originally came to Earth with Optimus Prime. He acted as their chief medic, and was primarily responsible for rebuilding Smokescreen into Hoist.
Red Alert (the same character as Armada Red Alert) reappeared in Transformers: Cybertron as one of those trying to contain the black hole created by the collapse of the energon sun. He failed, and joined Prime's team of Autobots on Earth (picking up a slight English accent in the process), where he battled Megatron's Decepticons on numerous occasions. After Galvatron's final defeat, Red Alert joined Optimus Prime's new Space Bridge Project.
Although named Red Alert in the U.S., this character is named First Aid in Japan, yet another homage to another Generation 1 Autobot ambulance. In Japan he is an original character, but in the U.S., the toy's identity follows the original plan of being the Armada character upgraded.

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Voice actors:

Yasuyuki Kase, Japanese
Yoku Shioya, Japanese
Brian Dobson, English
Ami Mendelman, Hebrew
Jorge Saudinos, Spanish
Jang Kim, Korean
Hyeon Wu Byeon, Korean
Claus Brockmeyer, German