Reiko Yuki


Alternative names:



Blind, Disabled, Psychic Powers, Teenager


Hair colour: Black
A quiet young girl who dresses in a very formal kimono dress and generally seems to have an aura of mystery around her.
For some reason her hair always covers what some might believe to be her eyes - it is later found out that she underwent surgery to give her eyes to Chairman Yuki because he had gone blind and she felt sorry for him. However, it was discovered that she was a Dynamis user and thus did not need her eyes in order for her to see. Because she has lived such a long time without her eyesight, her Dynamis is much further advanced than anyone else's in the series, as she has the power to lift even the largest buildings. Later in the series she is in fact revealed to be Chairman Yuki's clone and therefore a boy. His death in the final battle is gruesome, as Tria's God Beast form tears him limb from limb.

Related anime:

Gilgamesh TV, 2003

Voice actors:

Hilary Haag, English
Kae Araki, Japanese