Rhett Butler


Alternative names:



Animal, Cat, Overweight


Gender: Male
Hair colour: Turquoise
Rhett Butler was a very fat blue cat who appeared in episode 031. In the beginning of the episode, Luna was being chased by dozens of angry alley cats. Rhett Butler suddenly appeared on top of a building nearby, and threw a fish skeleton between Luna and the cats, which stuck into the ground like Tuxedo Kamen's roses. The alley cats saw him and backed off. Rhett Butler then jumped off the building and went to a young girl who was calling him, leaping into her arms. Luna commented that he certainly didn't look like a Rhett Butler! Later on, the senshi were searching for the final Nijizuishou when they found the home of An Ohara, the little girl who was Rhett Butler's owner. When the girl opened the door to speak to the senshi, Rhett Butler wriggled free from her arms and ran away in an attempt to rescue Luna from the alley cats once again. When An went to search for him, Zoisite attacked her in a dark alley because he believed that she was the Nijizuishou carrier. He and the senshi soon realized that it was not her, but her cat who had the final crystal.
After Rhett Butler rescued Luna for the second time, they accidentally fell through a manhole and into the sewer as he was carrying her away. They were unable to find a way out, an unfortunately, they soon ran into Zoisite... who was being chased by an angry horde of thousands of sewer rats! They found a vent through which they escaped the sewer, only to be confronted by Zoisite once again. This time, despite being attacked by Sailor Mars, Zoisite was able to remove the Nijizuishou from Rhett Butler and cause him to transform into the youma Bakene. He was a very gentle youma who never attacked the senshi, and actually rescued Luna when she was falling. Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Moon soon arrived on the scene, and Sailor Moon was able to heal Bakene with Moon Healing Escalation, causing him to revert back to being Rhett Butler. Later, Rhett Butler was reunited with An Ohara. Although Luna denied having feelings for him, she still daydreamed about him.
Rhett Butler only made one other appearance in the Sailor Moon series, in episode 041. Endymion, who had been brainwashed and was working with the Dark Kingdom, was attempting to capture all seven former Nijizuishou carriers and trap them within the Kurozuishou. The Dark Kingdom hoped that although the former youma had been healed by Sailor Moon, they would be able to use their energy and the power of the Kurozuishou to transform them back into youma. After they were reunited, it was hoped that they would come together to form one extremely powerful youma to destroy the Sailor Senshi. Endymion was able to capture six of the seven former Nijizuishou carriers (including Rhett Butler) within the Kurozuishou before Sailor Mercury destroyed it. Once it was destroyed, those trapped inside were freed and were able to return to their normal lives.
Name: Rhett Butler is sometimes called "Red Battler," though this is incorrect. While both "Red Battler" and "Rhett Butler" can be derived from the Romanization "Reddo Batorâ," it is more appropriate to refer to him as "Rhett Butler," due to the obvious pun.

Related anime:

Sailor Moon TV, 1992

Voice actors:

Masahiro Anzai, Japanese
Liron Lev, Hebrew