Rihan Nura


Alternative names:

奴良 鯉伴


Half-breed, Youkai


Gender: Male
Hair colour: Black
Birthday: April 9
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Rihan is Nurarihyon's son and Rikuo's father. He resembles his father and he too has long hair that protrudes out the back of his head. Unlike Nurarihyon, however, his hair is purely black and more wavy. Born the son of Nurarihyon and Yōhime, he was often taken around on his father's patrols (much to his mother's dismay). During the Edo period, he took over as the Second Head of the Nura Clan. Under his leadership, the Nura Clan's power reached its peak and he was responsible for stopping the actions of The String Assassin of Hitachi Province.
Rihan fell in love with and wedded the yōkai Yamabuki Otome, but due to Hagoromo Gitsune's curse on Nurarihyon (that his yōkai bloodline would die out), they couldn't have children. Blaming it on herself, Yamabuki Otome eventually left Rihan a poem grieving her infertility and disappeared, presumably dead. Presumably before that, Rihan led the Nura Clan to defeat the Hyaku Monogatari Clan.
A fair amount of time later, Rihan married Wakana and had a son, Rikuo. He didn't want Rikuo to know about the yakuza aspect of the yōkai world, and raised the boy in such a way as to prevent him from learning of it. He instructed his subordinates to do the same. He was killed by Hagoromo Gitsune when Rikuo was a child.

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Voice actors:

Keiji Fujiwara, Japanese
Eri Kitamura, Japanese
Matthew Mercer, English