Alternative names:



Hair Intakes, Kimono, Akuma, Teenager


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Red
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: To Shoulders
Know more commonly as Chomesuke, Sachiko is a level 2 Akuma who once served Millennium Earl. Although Sachiko appears to be a male Akuma, she is female in human form, who infatuates Lavi. At some moment, she crossed paths with Marian Cross and was converted by him. Partially free from the Earl's orders, she became a loyal follower of Marian and was with him in Edo. She was sent by Cross to deliver a message to Lenalee and company and to lead them safely to Edo. Even so, the Earl's will still had some influence on the converted Akuma's minds, making them suffer greatly if they tried to reject their Akuma nature. Sachiko liked to end her phrases with "-cho" so Lavi nicknamed her "Chomesuke". Sachiko's abilities are unknown, although she has great strength (as seen when she uses this ability to push Anita's boat). She was destroyed in episode 72 by streams of dark energy from a combined akuma. Before she died, she thanked Lavi.

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D.Gray-man TV, 2006

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Voice actors:

Kaori Nazuka, Japanese