Alternative names:

Real name: Toru Uike
Age in first appearance: 10
Class/Job: Edge Punisher
Character's height: 185cm
Sakaki is a young, green-haired man. He is dressed in formal, Japanese-style clothing in the style of a noble. When fighting he draws an oversized, two-handed sword as is typical of his class.
After his being infected with the AIDA<Victorian>, Sakaki transforms into Sakaki<Zenith>. Very little of his original charm and charisma still exists: he is now thoroughly demonic in appearance. His face is drawn and twisted inhumanly, his hair is wild, and many parts of his body have become red and black, a trait signalling a deeply-rooted AIDA infection. In addition, he now has a single wing-like appendage protruding from his left shoulder, a vestige of the AIDA that possesses him.
Sakaki is the captain of Moon Tree Guild second division and Atoli is one of his members.

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Voice actors:

Katsuyuki Konishi, Japanese