Alternative names:



Esper, Human, Bandages, Muscular, Smoker, Superpowers, Tanned, Belt, Pants, Cape, Shirtless, Adult


Gender: Male
Eye colour: White
Hair colour: Grey
Hair length: To Neck
One of Simeon's four strongest. His fragment is called "Fourth Wave," which allows him to manipulate the temperature.
"Fourth Wave" works by allowing the user to absorb heat from the surroundings then fire it in a blast.
He is actually Kannazuki Kyouji, a former assistant to Gido.
He actually has the Zero Fragment, allowing him to copy the abilities of others. After the lab explosion, he was injected with "Eden's Seeds" cells (cells which were used in the creation of Arclight and Blade, the first two Second Clones) in order to survive, and gained the Zero fragment, effectively becoming the third living Second Clone.
He is attracted to Eve.
In the manga, he uses a strong blast move named "Fifth Wave," which uses the power of the Eden's Seed.
It is revealed that he is the original Adam Archlight, having created a purposely defective clone of himself in order to attain his goal of collecting all the Stimmates.
In the final battle, whilst being thorn to pieces by Blade, he uses his secret ability "Sixth Wave," trapping the priest along with Eve in a mental world where he would have tortured Blade for the eternity.
He is finally killed by the two after fusing.
Saten Saten Saten Saten Saten Saten Saten Saten Saten

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Voice actors:

Kishou Taniyama, Japanese
Leraldo Anzaldua, English
Jae Heon Jeong, Korean