Satoru Kanzaki


Alternative names:



Pilot, Ruthless


Gender: Male
Hair colour: Black
Shin's friend from the orphanage. He grew jealous of Shin due to his relationship with Ryoko and tricked him to serve with the Asranian military—intending that he be killed in action. CEO Tsugumo picked him to be his successor in Yamaoto Air Lines and arranged for him to get married to Ryoko. In the manga, Tsugumo is forced to resign by shareholders when Kanzaki makes an underhanded purchasing deal with a shady jumbo jet manufacturer, assuring himself a large percentage of stock which installs him as the new president of Yamato Airlines. The jets turn out to be defective, causing an accidental crash which kills all aboard, thus opening Kanzaki to investigation. In the end, his wedding plans are ruined when Ryoko learns Shin's whereabouts after meeting Saki Vashtal and he is arrested for embezzlement, tax evasion, and his involvement in the plane crash. The OVA, having moved the end of the story to an earlier point, has Kanzaki simply being arrested as his final fate. In the 2004 TV series his fate was left unknown, though it can be inferred that since Ryoko ran away, the marriage did not take place, thus his shady deal was derailed. In the manga, the arrest is hardly the end of Kanzaki as he returns with a number of schemes until the end of the manga where he dies in an air duel with Shin.

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Voice actors:

Jason Douglas, English
Mayumi Tanaka, Japanese
Hikaru Midorikawa, Japanese
Luci Christian, English
Antoine Tome, French
Yoshito Yasuhara, Japanese
Marco Balzarotti, Italian