Satsuki Miyanoshita


Alternative names:

宮ノ下 さつき


Child, Elementary School Student, Braid, School Uniform, Teenager


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: To Shoulders
Satsuki is the main character of the show. She moves with her father and her young brother Keichirou to the hometown of her deceased mother, where she finds that her mother confronted several evil entities that haunted the town, which included Amanojaku, and wrote all her supernatural experiences in a diary, which is entitled "The Ghost Journal." Satsuki is very strong, brave and determined within, but sometimes bit moody, mostly because of Hajime trying to see her underpants.
In the Spanish dub, she was named as "Claire." Her nickname in the Animax dub is Suki (from Satsuki).

Related anime:

Ghost Stories TV, 2000
Gakkou no Kaidan: New Year's Special Special, 2001

Voice actors:

Tomoko Kawakami, Japanese
Hilary Haag, English
Éva Dögei, Hungarian
Andrea Kwan, English
Ana Lúcia Menezes, Brazilian
Ji Yeong Lee, Korean