Alternative names:



Android, Nurse, Teenager


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blue
Hair length: To Waist
Measurements: 85 - 56 - 84
Nationality: Japan
Birthday: July 3 (Cancer)
Blood type: Oil
B/W/H 85/56/84
A caring, nurse type android.
The two androids Septem and Quin were on the luxury liner used as mechanical servants, which are now lstranded on a desert island with lusty Kazuma. Septem is an android who specializes in medical use. She knows what to do with medicinal herbs and plants, and collect them on the desert island for the real thing. As is typical for an android the Septem followed each command you give her, so she is unhesitatingly followed Kazuma's "playing doctor". Its builders seem much more than just to have thought their service function in the medical field, since Septem has been equipped with all the technical details of a fully fertile adult woman, of course delight to Kazuma. The two Androidinnen even feel pleasure and excitement that naturally increases their interest in Kazuma's "doctor-games."
Drama CD Seiyuu:
Matsuda Risa (松田理沙)

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Voice actors:

Noriko Rikimaru, Japanese