An odd guy who is always dressed in a Nyanmaru costume, claiming he is Nyanmaru even though they pointed out to him there is a zipper on his back. He is the only other confirmed "Rare Kind" and has the ability to nullify other powers. He's rather crafty, and takes advantage of the Code:Breakers (namely, Ogami and Toki) quite often when they move into his Shibuya mansion.
Although Shibuya's not in possession of any special powers, he's still an extremely able fighter. He trains Ogami Rei and Toki in preparations for the battle against "The Seeking One," and forces them to call him "master."
Shibuya's later revealed to be "The Seeking One"'s sword teacher and Sakura's biological father. He wears his costume to prevent Sakura's memory from awakening, and wishes for her live a normal life, a fate usually denied to a Rare Kind. Only Rui knows his secret, and often uses this to threaten him. Like Sakura, when he temporarily loses his Rare Kind's power, he takes a miniature form of himself.
In the battle between the Re:Codes and the Code:Breakers, Shibuya remained on a neutral stance, and didn't participate in the fight until "The Seeking One" had retrieved the Pandora box. In the next arc, he temporarily removed his costume and rescued Sakura, Ogami and Haruto from the Code:Breakers.

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