Alternative names:

Affiliation: Golden Lion Pirates
Devil Fruit: Fuwa Fuwa no Mi
Birthday: July 6th
Shiki the Golden Lion (金獅子のシキ, Kinjishi no Shiki?), is a notorious pirate who is known to be the first prisoner to have ever escaped Impel Down. He was a pirate that wreaked havoc during Roger's time and is the main antagonist of the 10th One Piece Movie. His nickname, Kinjishi, means "golden lion."
Shiki is a pirate dressed in yellow traditional Japanese clothes. He has golden mane-like hair and on the top of his head is a part of steering wheel that got lodged into his head after his battle with Roger. Due to him cutting off his shackled legs to escape Impel Down, he has swords for prosthetic legs for which he can easily stand upon without much trouble. His overall design resembles a typical shogun.

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One Piece TV, 1999
One Piece Film: Strong World Movie, 2009
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One Piece Manga, 1997
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Voice actors:

Scott McNeil, English
Naoto Takenaka, Japanese
Gi hyeon Kim, Korean
Philippe Valmont, French