Shinako Suganuma


Alternative names:

菅沼 品子


Gender: Female
Hair colour: Brown
Birthday: January 14
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Shinako is a girl who is plagued by the yōkai Jami appearing at her bedside every night and silently looming over her. She contacts Kiyotsugu through his website, asking for help - as nothing had worked thus far - which results in the Kiyojūji Paranormal Patrol paying her a visit. Unbeknown to all of them, the priest from the local Hideshima Shrine, who had been supposedly exorcising the Suganuma house by placing wards along the walls, was acting in league with a group of local brokers. Using the rumor of Jami's presence, they would target properties and buy them cheaply before knocking them down for their own benefit - and they had their eyes set on the Suganuma family's land.
When the talismans set up by the priest turn out to be shikigami which attack Shinako, Jami comes to her rescue. While she is confused as to this turn of events, Rikuo appears in his "night" form and, having figured out the situation, takes both Shinako and Jami with him to the Hideshima Shrine. There, Shinako overhears the brokers and priest talking about the truth behind the Jami rumors. Caught red-handed, they make to attack her but are stopped by Rikuo and several local yōkai, and when the priest targets Shinako with another set of shikigami, Jami intercepts him.
The problem resolved, Shinako learns that Jami has in fact been watching over her family since the days of her ancestor Sadamori Suganuma, who had been his lord while he was still alive and human. Realizing she had misjudged him, Shinako apologizes and thanks Jami for protecting her.
As a thank-you present to the Kiyojūji Paranormal Patrol, she gives them several boxes of crabs to take home with them.

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Voice actors:

Mana Hirata, Japanese