- Shinohara


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One of the students in Maria and Akane's class. She is in charge of making the costumes and follows Maria around the school sometimes.
She is very taken with the idea of Maria being the "perfect prince", so when Akane asks Maria if she'd like to try on the princess' dress, Shino gets annoyed and says (rather tactlessly) that Maria could never pull of wearing a dress and should not bother. Akane calmly tells Shino that she is insensitive and people like her are better off dead.
Shinohara hates Akane with a passion, but puts up with her because she is the lead character in the school play. Despite Maria's attempts to convince her that Akane is a nice person, Shino is very determined to remain Akane's enemy.
[This character appears in the chapter "Kawaii Anata".]

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