Shion Ozu


Alternative names:

小津 詩音


Genetically Engineered, Sadistic, Teenager, Twin, School Uniform, Tie, Leg Warmers


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Chest
She is Kanon's sister and also a "Coppelion" she posses superhuman strength and is almost indestructible, both she and her sister defected to the Division 1, apparently to assist them in spreading the contamination worldwide. Like her sister she is also sadistic and unstable that they both takes joy in destroying anything in her path including Ibara whom they hated so much.
It was later reveled that both she and her sister are cloned from the same DNA that where taken from an actress who is also a serial killer which is the reason for their sadistic and unstable behavior.

Related anime:

Coppelion TV, 2013

Related manga:

Coppelion Manga, 2008

Voice actors:

Maaya Sakamoto, Japanese
Sarah Williams, English