Shioriko Wakagi


Alternative names:

若木 紫織子
She is the main heroine of volume 3 of the novel and a 9-year-old elementary school student. Her model character in "Tale of Genji" is Murasaki no Ue. She also makes constant appearances in later volumes.
Spoilers for volume 3
She possesses acting talents and cleverness that one doesn't see in ordinary elementary school kids. She used these as weapons to cheat money from adult men. She was praised by Hikaru before and wishes to marry him when she grows up. She treated Koremitsu like a dog who was later mistaken as a dangerous Lolicon.
She cheated money for her adoptive grandfather, a kind men who became the guarantor for someone else's debt and lost his house for that. After her grandfather passed away, it was reveled that she is a lovechild between an actress and a billionaire, Kuse Soichiro. Shioriko was taken away by Soichiro in exchange for his "dirty deeds" which were never reveled. Koremitsu used the information he gathered to save Shioriko and adopt her into his family. Shioriko's attitude toward Koremitsu changed dramatically afterward, calling him (lovely) big brother.
Spoilers for volume 9
She is the first one to find out the true identity of "Rokujou"—the spider woman in the Udate family (it was thought to be Kazuaki). However, she was kidnapped by Rokujou and used as a sacrifice. Luckily, she was saved by Toujou.

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