Shirou EMIYA


Alternative names:

衛宮 士郎
えみや しろう
えみや しろう


Human, Idealist, Magician, Student, High School Student, Magic User, Orphan, Teenager, Mage, Jeans


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Golden
Hair colour: Auburn
Hair length: To Ears
Height/size: 1.67m
Nationality: Japan
Weight: 58kg
Age: 16
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Brown
Shirou is the main character of Fate/stay night. He is a serious yet helpful, hardworking, and honest teenager. His hobbies include fixing a variety of broken things, from VCRs to stoves, as well as cooking and cleaning. He has some slight talent with sorcery, though he was discouraged by his foster father Kiritsugu Emiya from improving his gifts. He is initially confused about the Holy Grail War and attempts to irrationally shield others from danger, including his own Servant, Saber.
Shirou is unskilled in most traditional forms of sorcery, and he only knows Reinforcement, the power to analyze the structural composition of objects and increase their effectiveness by understanding their chemical and physical makeup, such as the sharpness and durability of a sword and shield. However, he lacks mastery for even this simple spell, and his various applications of it are limited.
He later masters a more advanced form known as "Projection," which allows him to recreate objects from memory. The clearer the image in the user's mind, the better the final result. Shirou's personal variation of Projection is referred as Tracing, which also copies the history and special properties of the items, though they are of slightly lesser quality (They are downgraded one rank from the original). At the culmination of his abilities is his Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works, which is the source of his unusual projection magic. Within Unlimited Blade Works exist all of the materials Shirou needs to recreate any bladed weapon, and it manifests itself as a barren wasteland covered in swords, but with a beautiful dawn in the sky. Shirou is able to control all of the swords in Unlimited Blade Works using only his mind, using them to attack his opponent without having to physically touch them.
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Voice actors:

Noriaki Sugiyama, Japanese
Sam Riegel, English
Bryce Papenbrook, English
Junko Noda, Japanese
Mona Marshall, English
Yeong Seon Kim, Korean
Candice Moore, English
David Lee McKinney, English
Thiago Zambrano, Brazilian
Patrick Poole, English
Laurent Pasquier, French
Seon Lee, Korean

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